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William H. Blackman was born February 2, 1930 in San Diego. He spent most of his early years in West Los Angeles.

He became interested in art at about the age of 12 when he painted his first oil painting. In high school he majored in art so he could experiment with various mediums to find ways to interpet his ideas.

In December of 1948 he joined the Navy and was stationed in Hawaii. After his tour of duty he returned to California and attended Woodbury College to learn about advertising and the graphic arts. While there, he met his wife Shirley, who coincidentally came from the Big Island of Hawaii. They were married on June 11, 1955 in her home town of Honokaa. When they returned he began his career in the graphic arts.

In 1960 they began their family and moved to a new home in the San Fernando Valley. Meanwhile, Bill had become interested in the fine arts again. His position as an advertising production manger put him in contact with art directors and they would lunch together and then visit various art galleries in the area. He began oil painting again as a hobby

In 1964 he made an important contact through an associate at his agency. This person was a vice-president at Aaron Brothers Galleries and purchased paintings for them. They had showrooms in various major cities and sold original framed paintings to art galleries and furniture stores. He said they could possibly sell some of his seascapes so Bill began painting in his spare time.

Gradually, they sold more than he could produce so Bill made the decision to leave the advertising business and devote his time to painting.
  Seascape by Bill Blackman  
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          ABOVE: "Mangos" by Bill Blackman  
          "Bllue Bonnets" by Bill Blackman  
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