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The artists now featured are "Living Legends" showcased in the 2016 Thousand Oaks Arts Festival and two members of the Festival's visual arts committee.

It is the goal of this website to make is easy to find "local" fine artists, peruse their artwork and link to their respective websites.

For those interested in the work of other fine artists in the Greather Conejo Valley, click on one of companion virtual art galleries below.

Agoura Hills Art Gallery

Conejo Valley Art Gallery

Thousand Oaks Art Gallery

Westlake Village Art Gallery
  "Winter Morning Rialto" by Dennis Griffin  
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  Thousand Oaks Community Art Gallery        
        ABOVE: "Winter Morning Rialto" by Dennis Griffin  
        "Mare & Foal" by Fred Stone   "Argo Mine" by Irv Morgan  
  Thousand Oaks
Community Art Gallery

This is the primary public fine art gallery in the region and has ongoing shows throughout the year. For more information on the Gallery and its schedule, click on the logo above.
      "The Kiss" by Theodora Ilowitz      
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          ABOVE: "Mare & Foal" by Fred Stone    
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            ABOVE: "Argo Gold Mine" by Irv Morgan  
          "Mangos" by Bill Blackman  
        ABOVE: "The Kiss" by Theodora Ilowitz    
            ABOVE: "Mangos" by William H. (Bill) Blackman  
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